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Mautix is developed using Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), incorporating cutting-edge features like the Lumen lighting system. This means our platform offers revolutionary real-time, high-quality rendering and dynamic lighting effects, presenting artworks with unprecedented detail and realism. The innovative features of UE5 not only enhance the visual experience but also significantly improve the expressiveness and interactivity of the artworks.

User-Friendly Experience

Mautix is designed for convenience, allowing users to set up their art galleries with just a few simple steps. This feature ensures that artists can focus on their creative work without worrying about complex processes. By minimizing the setup time, Mautix makes it easier for artists to bring their digital creations to the audience swiftly and efficiently.

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DALL·E 2024-04-01 13.32.59 - A futuristic digital art piece representing an NFT, with the



Mautix allows artists to seamlessly transform their artworks into NFTs, facilitating their trade within the platform. Leveraging the Polygon mainnet, this feature ensures a secure, efficient, and cost-effective method for artists to participate in the digital art market. It simplifies the NFT minting process, enabling artists to monetize their creations while engaging with a global audience in the evolving art economy.

Decentralized Storage & Secure Access

Mautix leverages IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) for decentralized storage, ensuring that artwork data remains safe and distributed across a global network. We employ encryption protection for the original file's CID (Content Identifier), guaranteeing that the source files of artworks are inaccessible to others without NFT tokenization. This approach not only enhances the security and privacy of the artworks but also aligns with the ethos of digital art preservation and ownership in the blockchain era.



Ready Player Me

Mautix integrates with Ready Player Me, enabling users to create and customize their own virtual avatars. This feature allows artists and visitors to personalize their experience on the platform, fostering a more immersive and interactive digital gallery environment. By leveraging Ready Player Me's versatile avatar system, Mautix provides a unique way for users to express themselves and engage with the art in a virtual space.

Privacy Settings


Mautix offers the capability to set galleries as public or private, with optional password protection, providing users with greater control over their content. This feature enables artists to curate their exhibits for specific audiences, ensuring that even sensitive or niche artworks can be shared responsibly within a controlled environment. By facilitating private, invite-only viewing spaces, Mautix ensures that artworks, regardless of their nature, can be displayed while respecting community guidelines and personal privacy preferences.

DALL·E 2024-04-02 11.18.54 - A streamlined concept image representing 'Flexible Gallery Pr
DALL·E 2024-04-02 11.27.53 - A flat design concept image of a user interface (UI) displayi

Gallery Spaces


Mautix enables extensive customization of gallery spaces, allowing artists to tailor the environment, weather, time of day, and architectural elements like flooring to their preferences. The platform offers a variety of decorative items and plants, including sofas, to personalize the space further. This level of customization ensures that each gallery can uniquely reflect the artist's vision and style, creating a distinctive and immersive experience for visitors.

Art Community


Mautix is dedicated to building a decentralized art community where every user contributes to maintaining a pure, art-friendly exchange atmosphere. Through Mautix's automated governance and reporting system, users actively participate in upholding community standards, ensuring the integrity and positivity of the artistic environment. This approach empowers individuals and fosters a collective responsibility to nurture a supportive and engaging space for artistic expression.

DALL·E 2024-04-02 11.31.03 - A simplified concept image of a 'Decentralized Art Community'
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