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Mautix NFTs

Mautix offers a revolutionary platform that enables artists to showcase and protect their works in unprecedented ways




Encrypted Metadata URI

To maximize the protection of artists' copyrights and privacy, Mautix utilizes encrypted Metadata URIs to store details of the artworks. This ensures that data related to the source files cannot be accessed or viewed without proper authorization.


User-Controlled NFT
Minting Option

Artists on the Mautix platform can decide whether to convert their works into NFTs. This flexibility allows artists to choose the most suitable time and method for minting NFTs based on their needs and market conditions.


Download Permission Management

Mautix strictly controls who can download the original files of the artworks. The download feature is unlocked only when a user purchases the NFT of the artwork, further ensuring the uniqueness and value of the artwork. (Artworks not converted into NFTs do not have a download option).


Community Interaction and
Digital Fingerprint Search Feature

Mautix is not only a display platform but also a community for art exchange. The platform provides a digital fingerprint search feature based on artworks, enabling users to easily find and purchase the NFTs they are interested in, but this feature is only available for artworks displayed in at least one gallery. If no galleries are currently displaying the artwork, users may need to search for the NFT's owner in the community and request them to display it.

Case Study

On the Mautix platform, the story of Alice and Bob demonstrates how NFT technology enhances the protection and transaction of artworks:

  • Artist Alice's Creation and Display: Alice displays her digital artwork "Starry Night" in a virtual gallery on Mautix. After choosing to mint "Starry Night" as an NFT, only the NFT purchaser has access to the original file and download functionality, and can display "Starry Night" in their own gallery.

  • Collector Bob's Purchase and Experience: Bob discovers Alice's "Starry Night" on Mautix and is attracted by its unique style and artistic value. He decides to purchase the NFT of the artwork, thereby gaining rights including download, display, and future resale. Through Mautix, Bob not only owns a valuable digital art piece but also can showcase it to art enthusiasts worldwide in his virtual gallery.

NFT Transfer Rights

On Mautix, all rights to the works created through NFTs belong to the creators. This includes but is not limited to public use right, attribution right, modification right, resale right, production right, display right, licensing right, duplication right, distribution right, public performance right, public display right, and derivative works right. We understand the importance of these rights to creators, and we commit to doing our best to protect these rights.

At Mautix, we place great emphasis on protecting the rights of creators. Our goal is to provide creators with a safe, fair, and transparent environment where they can freely create and share their works. If creators encounter any problems while using Mautix, we will do our best to provide help and support. We believe that by respecting and protecting the rights of creators, we can together create a more prosperous and diverse digital art world."

Public Use Right

Permits the NFT to be publicly displayed, such as on the internet, but not for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the creator, especially when used outside the Mautix platform.

Attribution Right

Allows the NFT owner to sign when using the NFT but prohibits claiming original creatorship, particularly when showcasing the NFT outside the Mautix platform.

Modification Right

Permits the NFT owner to modify the NFT, excluding claiming the modified NFT as an original creation, especially when showcased beyond the Mautix platform.

Production Right

Allows the NFT owner to produce derivatives but prohibits selling these derivatives without explicit permission, especially when distributed beyond the Mautix platform.

Display Right

Grants the NFT owner the right to display publicly, but charging admission fees requires explicit permission, especially when displaying outside the Mautix platform.

Licensing Right

Enables the NFT owner to license the NFT but prohibits sublicensing without explicit permission, especially when licensing for external use.

Duplication Right

Allows duplication but prohibits distribution of duplicates without explicit permission, especially when distributed beyond the Mautix platform.

Distribution Right

Allows distribution, with a restriction on large-scale distribution without explicit permission, especially when distributed outside the Mautix platform.

Public Performance Right

Permits public performance or display but prohibits charging admission fees without explicit permission, especially when performed outside the Mautix platform.

Public Display Right

Allows public display but prohibits charging admission fees without explicit permission, especially when displayed outside the Mautix platform.

Derivative Works Right

Permits the creation of derivative works but prohibits claiming them as original creations, especially when showcased or distributed outside the Mautix platform.

Additional Notes

Please note that Mautix's NFT features significantly differ from traditional NFT markets. Before using, users are advised to read and understand all relevant rights and restrictions.
All interpretations of NFT functionalities are reserved to Meovinci Company.

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