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Terms of Service

Part One: General Terms

1. Introduction
Welcome to Mautix, a 3D visual digital art online personal gallery operated by Meovinci Company. By accessing or using our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

2. Copyright and Usage Rights
All artworks and related content displayed on the Mautix platform are the intellectual property of their original creators. Users must ensure that the content they upload does not infringe on any third-party copyrights or other rights.

3. User Information Collection
We use Epic accounts for user login, without the need for additional registration information. However, we may collect information such as gender and age for advertising selection purposes. We do not save or use the files uploaded by users, only the encrypted CID for reading gallery data.

4. Software Updates
We may periodically update the software to improve functionality, fix errors, or enhance security. Updates may occur automatically or may require manual download and installation.

5. Data Security
Mautix uses the decentralized file system IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to store users' artworks. IPFS is a distributed file storage solution designed to make the web more persistent and more open. Through IPFS, Mautix can efficiently and securely store and access artworks in a decentralized network. Mautix only saves the artwork's CID and encrypts it in the database. Users should consider the risks of using any online storage service. For more information about IPFS, please visit the official website:

6. Disclaimer
Mautix is not liable for any loss or leakage that may occur due to copyright infringement or the inherent risks of the IPFS technology used by users to post content.

Part Two: NFT Functionality Explanation

7. Introduction to NFT Functionality
Mautix offers NFT creation, purchase, sale, and trading functionalities. Before using these features, you will be provided with specific usage details, which explain the operation process of NFT functionalities, the rights and responsibilities of users, and any applicable fees and restrictions. You must read and expressly agree to these details before using the NFT functionalities.

8. NFT Copyright and Rights Transfer
When minting an NFT, creators confirm they have all the rights to the submitted content and can specify the rights transferred to the NFT owner at the time of minting. Mautix will provide detailed explanations of these transferred rights when users purchase or download NFTs, ensuring NFT owners understand their acquired rights.

Rights Transfer Explanation:

During NFT transactions (including purchase and download), Mautix will clearly display the rights specified by the creator to be transferred to the NFT owner. This information is intended to help NFT owners understand the scope of their rights and any restrictions that must be adhered to when using the NFT.

Although Mautix will provide explanations of rights transfer and make every effort to protect the copyright interests of creators, Mautix cannot fully guarantee that the creators' rights will not be affected by the actions of NFT owners. Mautix is not liable for any loss to NFT creators caused by NFT owners during downloading or other circumstances.

However, Mautix commits to assisting creators in protecting their copyright interests to the greatest extent possible. This includes providing appropriate platform functionalities for creators to report and resolve copyright issues and assisting in resolving copyright disputes related to NFTs.

9. Responsibilities:
NFT creators must ensure they accurately specify the rights they wish to transfer to the owner, along with any related usage restrictions, when minting an NFT.
NFT owners are responsible for adhering to the rights explanations provided at the time of purchase or download, respecting the copyright of NFT creators, and following any specified usage restrictions.

10. NFT Transaction Risks and Uncertainties
The NFT market is highly volatile and uncertain. Mautix is not liable for any losses that may arise from NFT transactions.

11. Modifications to NFT Functionality
Mautix reserves the right to modify the NFT functionalities for reasons such as technological upgrades, regulatory changes, or market demands, and will explain the reasons and potential impacts of these modifications.

12. NFT Usage Within Mautix
When users mint NFTs on Mautix, they are granted the default right to use these NFTs within their galleries on the platform. This default rule is established to enhance the interactive and personalized experience of the Mautix platform, allowing creators to showcase their digital artworks in a virtual space they curate themselves. Creators need to understand that this right is automatically included as part of the NFT minting process on Mautix. However, the transfer of rights primarily pertains to usage outside the Mautix platform. Creators should be aware that while they retain the ability to display their NFTs within their Mautix galleries, any transfer of rights for usage beyond the platform needs to be explicitly defined and agreed upon during the minting or transfer process.

Part Three: Community Rules

General Community Behavior Rules

Within the Mautix community, we encourage all users to follow these basic behavior guidelines to maintain a friendly and respectful exchange environment:

**Respect Others:
Respect all community members and avoid posting any insulting, malicious, or discriminatory remarks.
Positive Communication: Engage in discussions constructively and positively, avoiding the spread of misinformation or baseless accusations against others.

**Privacy Protection:
Do not share or post any personal or sensitive information about yourself or others, including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.

**Law Abidance:
Do not publish or disseminate any illegal content or activities, including copyright or other intellectual property rights infringement.

**Platform Misuse Prohibition:
Do not use Mautix for advertising, spamming, or any form of abuse. Violating these basic behavior guidelines may result in consequences, including but not limited to warnings, and temporary or permanent bans from the community.

Content Upload Rules

When sharing and publishing artworks in the Mautix community, please follow these detailed guidelines to ensure content is friendly and appropriate for all users:

**Copyright and Originality:
Only upload artworks for which you hold the copyright or have the right to share. Respect the creativity and intellectual property rights of others.
Appropriate Content: Ensure uploaded works are suitable for all audiences. Avoid posting content that may be considered offensive, overly violent, or inappropriate.

**Adult Content and Filtering Feature:
Mautix provides an adult content filtering feature to balance artistic freedom with community appropriateness.
If any of your works inside the gallery contains adult themes, nudity, sexual implications, or other adult content, please mark the gallery as “has mature content”.
Use this feature responsibly to ensure your works are correctly categorized, maintaining a healthy community environment.

**Prohibited Illegal Content:
Do not upload any illegal content, including but not limited to defamatory materials, copyright infringement, or other intellectual property rights violations.
Political and Sensitive Content: While we respect the freedom of artistic expression, please avoid uploading content that may provoke controversy, including strong political or sensitive themes.

Community Feedback and Reporting System:

We encourage community members to actively provide feedback and report inappropriate or rule-violating content.

By adhering to these detailed content upload rules, creators and users collectively create a positive, healthy, and inclusive environment within the Mautix community.

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